Sometime during the 1980’s a storm began, and for 50 years it did not stop. Now, survivors struggle to thrive in a wild world with most of the past below sea.
Surf has become the ultimate rush throughout the known territories. The surf leader of The Squids, Tom Mix, finds his community threatened by the Piranha surf gang after one of his partners gets kidnapped. Surf battling and dirt road motorbike slaughter will not only gush out blood, but uncover the secrets this new world holds.
On May 2014 the TERRITORIAL PISSINGS CREW started PRE-PRODUCTION for the full feature film.
Different beaches of the tropical country Costa Rica were scouted to shoot this action movie, packed with surf and body horror with extraordinary characters living on a post-apocalyptic world surrounded by an 80′s film style.
The feature film will start production early 2015.
Writer Sebastián Otalvaro, director Juancho Otalvaro and an amazing skilled crew promises practical FX, GORY make FX and original costume design that will bring to life a World where survivors are not always the strongest but the luckiest!
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